Dear Ms Belgin and Mr Morgenbesser,
We are really pleased that you are keen to work with us on this exciting activity and share your expertise. Our plan once interested teachers have been identified is;
1. Invite them to the closed Promethean Planet Scratch community. Pip will send this invitation directly to you.
2. Once you and other teachers have registered in this community we will ask for a brief comment about something they have done in Scratch, how it links to cycle 2 and something they would like to do through this iTEC collaboration.
3. From 30th March, Linda, can sign up willing teachers as pilot teachers once they have identified their activities.
4. I will ask our Promethean Scratch experts – Jose Paulo Santos and Mark Robinson to answer posts in forums/ making suggestions relevant to activities and stories.
5. After the Easter holidays, mid April, the group can decide if they run a show and tell and invite others to this on line event or support Hermann in Austria to deliver a moodle on Scratrch.

Best wishes and have a good weekend. We have sunshine in the UK
Gill Leahy
Head of Curriculum Strategy
Maidenhead Office

M: +44 7794 637 192

Planet ActiviTEC forum sitesine iki dosya yukledim,okumak hosunuza gidebilir.
1) "The story so far ..." , Promethean iTEC project in Cycle 1 icerisinde olusturulmus olan tum onemli, kilit noktasi belgeleri bir yerde topluyor.Seminerler,ders programlari ve raporlar.
2) Preparation for Cycle 2 Pilots Ikinci asama rehberler icin hazirlik
Bu, Cycle 2 pilots icin proseduru acikliyor ve olusturulmus tum onemli belgeleri,internet baglantilarini iceriyor.
Faydali bulacaginizi umut ederim,
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